Meet Kichijoten, the Japanese Goddess of beauty.

She inspires our ethos here at KICHI, which are built on an appreciation of Asian ingredients and South Korean technologies.

We believe in supporting the sophisticated and conscious modern woman to become in tune with her natural beauty, through the use of effective laser and medical facials and science-backed ingredients.

In an East to West blending of science and nature, complete with clinical underpinning, KICHI allows women to harness the power of collagen-boosting powders, adaptogens, vitamins, and minerals for the stimulation of cell regeneration.


Previously a global fashion model for brands such as Prada, Rimmel and Max Factor beauty has always played an integral role in Natasha Clancy’s life. From being the worldwide face of Olay for almost a decade and working for Vogue, Elle, and Marie Claire, to being an iconic “Flake girl” and featuring in George Michael's music videos, she has a deep and nuanced understanding of the beauty industry and how it can enhance the life of modern women.  After 10 months living in Japan and China, her love for asian beauty began, she went on to train in cosmetology and medical aesthetics and is now a Level 5 Practitioner specialising in  collagen regeneration treatments. Wanting to create something truly unique that she could rely upon herself, she worked closely with a chemist in Korea to bring to life her months of research, which she conducted upon completion of her diploma in the science of natural formulations.With a mission to help women age well and be confident in their own skin, she refined her ideas into a range of products with the potential to naturally regenerate collagen and complement  KICHI’s existing clinical treatments. Holding efficacy to the utmost regard, Natasha affirms that a product or treatment won’t step foot in the studio unless it’s brought noticeable results to her own skin. And so was the start of KICHI. A asian-inspired brand from a central London home, with a product line whose founder has an unshakable belief in its benefits for the skin.


At KICHI we believe that less is more and that ultimately, radiance comes from within. We strive to keep our formulations as pure as possible, while recognising the potential that comes with pairing them with clinical treatments. 

To maintain KICHI quality, our products are formulated from scratch and produced in small batches. We use natural nutrient dense cold pressed oils, along with natural and man-made active minerals and adaptogens. Our formulas are also non-GMO, not tested on animals and proudly made in the UK.


Conscious of our environmental footprint, at KICHI we use recyclable glass packaging,biodegradable boxes and vegetable-based inks. Alongside staying away from synthetic fragrances and colorants, we also use natural preservatives instead of parabens.