Baby Face has no downtime, and most clients experience zero to light redness when they leave the clinic. For those with sensitive skin, you may find the redness lasts up to 24 hours, but this is only from the higher settings that we will work up to with each session.

In the 7 days following treatment, the skin will feel dry and form a sandpaper texture although this won't be visibly noticeable, we recommend no foundation from day 1- 2, while the microchannels are open. Day 3-7 you may not want to refrain from heavy foundation as it won't sit as well on the skin during this time, while the skin is resurfacing.  

Fashion and beauty shoots, weddings please book 7-10 days before this kind of event, if you plan on wearing make-up.

To maintain the famous Baby Face Glow, we recommend lots of moisturising products like KICHI Forever oil or rich creams.