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Our premium eyelash extension treatment and our most popular for events. This is set is very subtle glam with full lash line and eyeliner effect.

Glamorous light volume effect but not overdone or unnatural. We mix individual, extensions with our 2D & 3D Japanese volume feathering technique.
Triple layers of Feathering are woven throughout the design to create the most exquisite set that looks full, fluttery and most importantly real.

This rare and unique method creates a beautiful feathered, fluttery design, with a eyeliner effect. The design has been sculpted to suit the clients bone structure. Japanese wrapping application and triple layer feathering will offer our longest retention.

* Lasts 8 -12 weeks with one Rebalance.
* Maintain with a Japanese Rebalance up to 4- 6 weeks post treatment.

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