Our most requested treatment for tightening  and lifting the face and neck, HIFU harnesses the skin’s own ability to produce collagen in a process known as remodelling or collagen induction. Ever wondered how some movie stars just never seem to age? HIFU is likely their secret!

Recommended as a one-off treatment or once every 18 months, HIFU( high intensity focused ultrasound) is unique in its ability to penetrate the dermis and the superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS) layer. This is the same layer that is tightened during conventional facelift surgery, however unlike surgery, the technology uses natural means to stimulate your own collagen through thermal ultrasound energy.

 **HIFU is also known as ULTHERAPY 

Discover more about the science behind collagen regeneration in our dedicated blog.

HIFU naturally lifts and firms the skin for a tighter, yet plump complexion. It is ideal for targeting forehead frown lines, crow’s feet, double chins, jowls, sagging necks and lifting the brows to open up the eyes. You will notice the results improving over time, as there is a gradual rejuvenation period of 2-8 months.

Traditionally HIFU has been popular with women in their 40s and 50s, but more recently with women in their 30s as a preventative treatment. Results in the over 60s will not be as pronounced.

Comfort levels can vary from person-to-person. During deeper cartridges you may experience very slight discomfort, but treatment should not be painful. HIFU is completely safe when professionally administered by an aesthetic professional.


What can I expect during treatment?

Prior to treatment your aesthetician will cleanse and tone the skin. The face or body is then marked out with a white pencil to ensure the correct areas will be targeted. Ultrasound gel is applied to the skin and a handpiece pressed to the skin. Each ultrasound shot is carried out one by one across the skin with each necessary cartridge. Finally, the ultrasound gel will be removed and finishing products applied.

When will I see results?

10% of the final results can be seen in the first month, 20% in the second, 60% in the third and ongoing to 100% at 6–8 months.

How long does the treatment take?

The treatment lasts between 30 minutes and 1hr. 30.

Is there any downtime?

There is no downtime with this treatment and in most cases you can return to work the same day.


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