Your eyelash extensions will be applied while laying down on your back with your eyes closed on a comfortable medical bed. After cleansing and priming your eyelashes, your bottom lashes are protected with eye pads, before individually applying the lash extensions. This is done by isolating a single lash and gluing it with a medical grade adhesive to a synthetic vegan one (or two for feathering) approximately 2mm from the eyelid. This means neither the glue nor the lash has contact with the skin.

This relaxing, non-invasive procedure can last up to two hours, in which many clients fall asleep. This is encouraged by our soothing, ambient playlist – we all deserve a little time out after all!



We find that most clients are so fond of their Japanese eyelashes that they choose to wear them on a consistent basis. This is made possible by their non-damaging nature and maintenance with our Japanese rebalancing.  

During this appointment, we will carefully remove with a non-damaging technique any twisted or grown-out extensions. After selecting which perfect lashes will remain, we then reapply new ones to bring the complete set back into balance.