Japanese Feathering By Natasha Clancy



Our Founder Natasha has over 25 years experience in the Fashion and Beauty industry. Having an understanding of a ‘natural’ look and creating extensions that look real is far more difficult and harder to achieve than you would imagine.  Natasha has gained this knowledge by being on beauty sets from the age of 15. Having been the Face of Olay, Rimmell, Max Factor and gracing the pages of Vogue, whilst working with the best in the Fashion and Beauty industry. Being trained in special effects and prosthetics and understanding bone structures, Natasha’s wealth of knowledge and experience has educated her expert eye. She creates designs that women like her would want to wear. 



 At Kichi our natural extensions will enhance our clients bone structure and never overwhelm the eye. Our goal with every client is to make the eyelash extensions look and feel real. Even with the slightly more dramatic designs this can be achieved with our beautiful feathering technique.  

Natasha or a Kichi artist will assess your eye shape and bone structure during your consultation.  We will discuss the look you wish to create through the use of length, thickness, eye styling and design a bespoke set specifically for you. Using our unique techniques to create the appearance of full fluttery eyelashes.