Japanese Feathering is a unique method that creates a natural fluttery eyelashes with soft feathered tips. A rare highly skilled technical application, applying two extremely light individual extensions, sculpted in different directions from each side to create a soft feathered tip.

The feathering technique creates a natural ultra light volume effect. A combination of open and closed tips are sculpted for definition and layered aesthetic. Eyelashes shed evenly and last longer due to this non - damaging weightless application.

A Natural Look

Our natural extensions will enhance our clients bone structure and never overwhelm the eye. Our goal with every client is to make the eyelash extensions look and feel real. Even with the slightly more dramatic designs this can be achieved with our beautiful feathering technique.  Our Founder Natasha has over 25 years experience in the Fashion and Beauty industry. Having an understanding of a ‘natural’ look and creating extensions that look real is far more difficult and harder to achieve than you would imagine.  Natasha has gained this knowledge by being on beauty sets from the age of 15. Being trained in special effects and prosthetics and understanding bone structures, Natasha’s wealth of knowledge and experience has educated her expert eye.


We use individual premium vegan, biodegradable extensions from the Moka & Sarah product range from Japan. These extensions, offer an incredible weightless feel and stunning look without compromising the health of the natural eyelash. Natasha was trained by Moka, who invented the Japanese Feathering technique. The premium Luxe Feathering set is represented in the image we have chosen from Moka & Sarah.