A global fashion model for brands such as Prada, Rimmel and Max Factor from 1993, beauty has always played an integral role in Natasha’s life. From being the worldwide face of Olay for almost a decade and working for Vogue, Elle, and Marie Claire, to being an iconic Flake advert girl and featuring in George Michael's music videos, she has a deep and nuanced understanding of the industry and how it can enhance the life of modern women.  

After 10 months living in Japan and China, and where her love for asian beauty began, Natasha’s relationship with the field continued to strengthen. She trained and worked in film and TV as a prosthetics Makeup Artist, launched Raw to Door an award-winning juice company (during which time she completed a diploma in nutrition), commercially directed wellbeing brands and went on to train in cosmetology and medical aesthetics, now a Level 5 Practitioner, Natasha specialises collagen regeneration treatments.


Today in her mid 40s, alongside carrying out treatments and designing formulations Natasha continues to model for select brands for the KICHI product range. Wanting to create something truly unique that she could rely upon herself, she worked closely with her chemist in Korea to finalise her months of research, which she conducted upon completion of her diploma in the science of natural formulations.

With a mission to help women age well and be confident in their own skin, together they refined her ideas into a range of products with the potential to naturally regenerate collagen and complement KICHI’s existing clinical treatments. Holding efficacy to the utmost regard, Natasha affirms that a product or treatment won’t step foot in the studio unless it’s brought noticeable results to her own skin.

And so was the start of KICHI. A Japanese-inspired brand from a central London home, with a product line whose founder has an unshakable belief in its benefits for the skin.