Here at KICHI studio we’re increasingly being asked which of our treatments give the most natural results. Whether it’s the warmer weather that has us dreaming of bare-faced days on the beach, or the rise of brands like Glossier with a more natural beauty aesthetic, it’s our less-is-more touch ups that are currently most in demand.
As specialists in Japanese Feathering, we may be a little bit bias, but lashes are always a great place to start for that effortless I-woke-up-like-this allure. The benefit of this distinctive technique is not only are they incredibly natural looking (and in our opinion, more so than classic eyelash extensions), but they last almost double the time of those applied with traditional application methods.
Our practitioners are just a few of the small number trained in this sought-after technique, which involves individually wrapping between 80 and 180 micro extensions in opposite directions on each lash.
Not to mention, many of our clients choose to wear their feathered lashes on an ongoing basis. This is made possible thanks to a combination of their non-damaging nature and a unique Japanese rebalancing process. This maintenance treatment sees the existing eyelash extensions “balanced” by removing any that have outgrown or twisted and replacing them with beautiful fresh ones.
AT KICHI we believe the key to achieving a natural look has as much to do with personalisation as it does selecting the right treatment. With Japanese Feathering, we guide clients to choose a percentage of feathering based on their eye shape, condition of their natural lashes and how natural they wish the final result to be.
Our Signature Feathering, for example, has a layered multidimensional effect that while still natural, has a much fuller finish compared to our Feathered Classic. This makes it the perfect choice for an upcoming party or event – the wedding season is upon us, after all!
Of course, no natural beauty look is complete without impeccable brows. By complementing your fluttery Japanese Feathering with a brow lift or “lamination” you’ll have fuller, fluffy brows without the need for a pencil or pinpoint accuracy first thing in the morning. What better way to wake up than naturally flawless and ready for where the day takes you?
To get your natural beauty treatments booked in for summer, get in touch with the studio here.